How to copy the excel data with merging rows in Email Body

Hi Team,

Please help me on below excel data to copy in to email data.
image .
I am facing issue in merging rows which required as per above picture.
Verification.xlsx (13.3 KB)

No you cannot get merged cells while reading merged table to data table
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Convert datatable to html.

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Hi @Vajrang,

Thank you for your response.

Do you mean by converting datatable to html ,can we merge the cells?

Appreciate if you share the sample code you have.

No you cannot use merge cells while reading data

You will have empty cells for merged cells


Are you sure you want to move the table in Excel to the Outloook Body? Then there is a way.


Yes i am looking for the solution.


Please wait a moment.

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Unfortunately, we don’t provide it in Uipath, so we have to use VBScript.
I will deliver a VBScript that you can use right away.

  1. Excel Table to put in Outlook body

  2. Call this code using the Uipath Invoke Script function, or run VBS itself.

  3. Result (477 Bytes)

If you have knowledge of programming, you can easily understand it by looking at the short VBS.
To run the script, only one Excel must be turned on.

In addition, all of the MS Office suites can be handled with VBScript and can also communicate with each other.

Therefore, when VBScript is executed, the actual mail will not be sent. VBScript can be modified to send immediately, or Body can be modified.

I will attach the following MSDN document. If you have any questions, ask anything.



Thank you so much,I will try your code and will get back to you.


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Where we have to give Excel path and sheet path?

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  1. Excel Path.
    Getobject handles objects that are already on.
    If you want the path, change it like this:
    However, as mentioned above, there should be only one Excel on (it is difficult to handle when more than one Excel is on).
    In particular, run Taskkill / f / im excel.exe frequently. If you get a VBScript error,

  2. Sheet
    When you specify a sheet, you can use the sheet name or index.

Please refer to the screenshot below.