Copy paste table from EXCEL to Outlook - StudioX

In UiPath StudioX

When trying to copy and paste table range from EXCEL to Outlook body of email, the formatting of the table is completely lost and shows in text format.

Is it possible to get Excel TABLE format in Outlook Email body?

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It is not with Uipath but issue with Outlook.

Outlook has limited support to HTML tags.

Hi, if you open excel and outlook manually (not using uipath) and you copy and paste this into a new email, does it keep the formatting? If yes, then you may need to try this automation like that too.

The Book1.xlsx and Email_Temple.html also give to you.

s_html_table + String.Format(“{0}{1}”,s_name,s_count)
You need to click IsHTMLBODY

Book1.xlsx (8.5 KB) Email_Temple.html (287 Bytes)

it is for assign s_html_table

Outside of UiPath StudioX, Copy paste from EXCEL to Outlook worked and table format works properly.

I am trying to do the same with uipath Studio X but it doesn’t work. All formatting is lost.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the suggestion. I am trying to do this in uipath studioX and want to retain color etc. What you have provided looks like in Studio Pro with coding

Please suggest.



Hi Vinay,

You can add borders for excel

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Sorry, but you are over thinking this… :slight_smile:

Hi Bcorrea,

Thank you much, it worked!! :slight_smile: YAY!!! :innocent: :blush:

Super solution!

Its tedious workaround to add click based input in studioX. Hope they add HTML support feature in future release.

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