How to copy table from excel into word document

I need help. I need to copy table from excel document into word document. But when I do that I got error. Can someone can help me. And the one more question I need paste that table on the some place where is old table(middle of word). How can I say i want it hear. I wont replace that table with the one from excel.
Where is yellow there is a mistake.
dugovanje is output from read range. kopiranje is the new one. What I am doing wrong.

Hi @Tinkerbell,
In your case you are assigning to “dugovanje” the “kopiranje”. So you are assigning empty variable to the something what have output from Read Range. It should be vice-versa.

Yes, but when I change that, set “kopiranje” the “dugovanje” the eror is the some. I don’t know what I am missing.

I think the way you are trying to put table to Word is wrong. Please have a look here:

And example of workflow here:

I think this should help :slight_smile: