How to copy-pasting all the rows from Excel to SharePoint list which is in the Quick Edit mode?

Hi - I need some help with copy data from excel to a sharepoint list which is in the quick edit mode. What i have done till now is - Created an excel scope from where user read the data and then it goes to share point list. Edit the list in the quick edit mode. But without pasting the data it just stops running and doesnot throw any error. For now i have prepared a sequence so that it can copy and paste for one row.

Hi @mridulgrover21

Could you provide an example of the Quick Edit mode you have mentioned?

Hi, Many thanks for your reply…
Please see attached! This is a list in sharepoint which is in the quick edit mode.

I see. I think you will need to provide some more details around your process for others to be able to help you out.

For example how are you currently trying to paste the data from the DataTable you got with the Read Range activity into the SharePoint?

Many thanks for your response. Please find the attached screenshot, the process i have followed till now. If anyone can help me out now.