Get all the row text with data table

I am using data table and for each row, i need to copy all the row one by one in a excel file

You can use Excel Application Scope followed by Append Range activity. But to use that you need to create a temp datatable and add current row to it. Attached is sample workflow. (10.6 KB)

i can’t open the workflow

are you facing any issues here?

Hi @Soudios

Can you give some more details

yes can’t open the document so the solution is not found yet

i want to get all the row from the data table and paste it in a excel file

Hi @Soudios

have you tried using the Write Range Activity or Append Range

Search for linq query, Newdt=datatable(function(row) row(“Name”).copytodatatable.

Write range activity, use Newdt

i never use linq query can you show me plz

Hi there, if you want to copy all the row in data table to an excel file, you just simply use “Write Range” inside “Excel Application Scope” like this
dt img

@Soudios Check this, (2.9 KB)

The result is not an index

Hello Sou,

Sorry, I did not get you. Can you please elaborate?