Copy a column from an excel to another excel

Hello to all!

I would like to copy a column from one excel to another to update it every day.
I am trying to use the “Copy range” activity but I don’t know if I have to use an activity before to find the two files.

The Source Workbook, where i want to take information, I created that excel in the same sequence, but when I put the variable (DataTable) in that space I get the following error:

I don’t really know how to use this activity, so if you can help me to copy a column and paste it into another excel I would really appreciate it.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


Here, you are using Office 365 activity. If your input file placed in SharePoint then it will work else it won’t work.

If you are working on local system excel file then you should use Copy Paste Range activity but to work with this activity both input and output sheets should be in the same Excel file.

If you are working with two different excel files then Copy Paste Range activity won’t work and you should follow below steps.

  1. Read specific range from first excel file using Read Range activity and it will give output as DataTable.

  2. And then use Write Range activity to write into different excel file and pass above output DataTable to it.

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Hi Iakshman!

You were right, in the end I opted for the “Copy Range” option by selecting the Sharpoint files with “Find Files and Folders”.
Now I get another error that I don’t understand:

Can you help me?


Is excel file placed in Local system or SharePoint ?

It’s Showing Access Denied error. Can you please check whether you have Read and Write access to the change the SharePoint files data.

Yes, I have the accesses.

This was a silly error, the excel file was opened in sharepoint.


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