Excel Read and Paste

In this, want to copy IPS data and paste and for next, it should read from LES data, copy and paste…
Like this it should happen…how to loop it.Please help me its urgent

I’m not sure what you’d like to do but…, how many rows does sheet have?

  • Read as big range as you need like “A1:999”.
  • Edit the datatable which has Excel data in Studio.
  • Then paste it into Excel with Wite Range activity.

I have 3 rows in a sheet, in each row have i have to copy that entire data and Paste in Oracle software.
After first execution, now 2nd row it should pick and copy the entire data.
it should choose IPS and select the data once finish entire process , it should LES and select data etc.
Data is in excel.
1)first i choose excel application scope, given path
2)then i have using read range activity for reading entire data
3)next? am not getting

How about using UiPath.Excel.Activities.ReadCell, not datatable? You can read just the cell you need --“A2” then “A5”, “A8”. You can also edit string with ‘Split string’ activity to separate it by comma.