How to Copy from one Word to another, to a specific point keeping the formating

In my automation I use a Template (Template1) to fill it with data.
In one loop of my Automation I take a different Word Template2, add the Data and now i need to copy this finished Word Doc including all formatting, into a SPECIFIC point in Template 1.
Then i start the template2 loop again, and want to copy and paste the finishedTemplate2 after the the first tempate2 i add in template1. and so on.

I am currently at the point that at the end of the Template 2 Loopt i start application “Template2” send hotkey start application template2 (Ctrl+a, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+w ) application Template1: (Ctrl+v, ctrl +s). and first thing at the after the Loop: application Template1 (ctrl+w) to close the word.

now my problem is that I don’t know how to select the point where I want to add the “ctrl+v”.

I added a “bookmark” and also know the text (textmark) where i want to add the “crtl+v”.

Additionally i added the same textmark at the end of Template 2, so that the replaced textmark will be again at the bottom of the input word.

However i struggle to select the Textmark/Bookmark.

With the click application, i cannot select the text.
due to company politics i can only use offical packages.

Bonus question: is there maybe a better way to accomplish that task?

Thanks for your help.