How do I copy only one text paragraph from one text component to another (without losing formatting)

I want to copy one paragraph element in an tinymc text component in episerver 6. The goal is to copy a paragraph and pasting it in another text component, without losing the formatting of the copied parapgraph (e.g links, bold, etc).

Using “Find element”-activity I am able to identify each paragraph in the text component. I am also able to extract each paragraph seperatly with the “Get text”-activity.

HOWEVER, using “Get text” does not perserve the formatting of the text.
So, I want to select the text in only that paragraph and then copying it using the “Send hotkey”-activity (ctrl+s).

But how do I select only one paragraph?
Using the keyboard I am able to select one paragraph by having the cursor at the very beginning of the paragraph and pressing crtl+shift+down. I do not know how to make this work in an automation though? Is there a way of setting the cursor to the very beggining of the paragraph?

Thankful for any tips or other suggestions of how to solve this!!