Word - append text and keep formatting

Hi all,

I would like to copy text from one word to another word document and keep the format (tables, colors,…)
For the moment I am using “send hotkey : ctrl + a” and then the activity “copy selected text”.
I store the result in a variable and then use “append text” in another word document.
But the copied text in the destination file lost his formatting.

Is there a way to keep the formatting?


I think “Copy Selected Text” will only copy the text but not the format.

Can you try Ctr+C and Ctrl+V, that should work ?

Hi @yannip,

You can use copy selected text and after copying you can save that in another location
Then check it will come

Hi @varunk,

Thanks for your reply. What do you mean with “check it will come”?
The format is not being copied (color, table, underlined text, strikethrough,…).
Unless I am missing something?


Hi @yannip,

Can you share the workflow

Hi @Varunk,

I’ll share it later today, thanks.