How to copy data from a putty terminal


I want to read a specific feild from a putty terminal, store the value in an excel sheet and check if equal to the value in another column. If not stop the process.

I have read multiple topics on the subject, but none of them is able to do it easily.

I can think of a few strategies

  1. Open the putty terminal and click and drag the cursor up to a specified range(This copies the value from a putty terminal) and store in an excel file
  2. Take a screenshot of the field and use OCR to convert to text

Kindly suggest a solution.

@J_P1 use get visible activity to get text on the terminal and do string split operations or use RegEX to get particular value, then compare with excel.123.xlsx (7.9 KB) Example.xaml (11.8 KB)

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