How to copy and paste the line and comment the previous line

Hi Team,

I have an scenario which i need to do in eclipse system using Uipath

  1. Suppose i need to replace any word in below example like instead of replacing the word directly using Find Text method and replace the word. I need to do it in below ways
  2. First i need to copy the line and add* to that line means its commented then
  3. Paste the above line and do the replacement of the word
    For example:
    Select * from knov where wb_knov =“123”

Now i need it in below way means i need to comment before i make direct change to the line knov= proceed_replacement

//Need to do in this way how to achieve this in uipath

*Select * from knov where wb_knov =“123” (i commented this line before editing directly)
Select * from Proceed_replacement where wb_knov =“123” (here i did changes)