How to type " _ " underscore in UI path comment activity

Its converting the characters to bold

please try double quote with concatenation +“_”+.
hope that will work

Keep one space after underscore.

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Don’t ask me why but when I inserted underscore five times in the field “Text” only one showed in the comment. When you copy from the Comment only one underscore will be on the clipboard.



hahaha :joy:

I assume that there are some temp buffer values stored in the temporary files location.
Please clear your temp files and re start your machine and try again. you will be all set.

Hope my inputs are useful.

Typing the value 5 times is working-- i do not permissions on the machine, so not trying that for now
Thanks for your suggestions,might try them in the future :slight_smile:

In UiPath Tool, A letter Start next to the Underscore,It will automatically Take it as Bold letter like this (_hello) so simply give one Blankspace in-between the letter and the Underscore like this _ hello.


Yeah, that works as well. But if you want to insert a folder/filepath in the comment you can’t add an extra space to the text. In that case the path can’t be copied directly to other usage.