Edit text in UI

In one of the UI we need to insert a template
once the template is inserted. we need to make some changes
Is it possible to edit using uipath of specific line/word without distributing rest.
if so pls suggest the activity or any other

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like is it taking TYPE INTO or may i know how that ui element looks like
Cheers @KarthikBallary

You can use String.Replace function if you know what you need to edit specifically.

I.e. “Hello World”.Replace(“World”,“UiPath”)

both World and UiPath can be variables :slight_smile:

suppose I need to edit "The value handled by DOM " by “The value handled by DCM”

If I use this it will distrub the whole paragraph. Everything takes in single line

Hi @KarthikBallary
Is the text visible means use string.replace and is it text area

Ashwin S

Read the whole string, replace what you need to then type into (with empty field selected) the string you have amended.