How to copy an excel file to a new excel file using uipath?

Please help

I have excel files with the names “A” and “B” then I want to copy all the data in file “A” to excel file “B”. And I can set the columns of the rows I want to copy to file “B”

how to copy an excel file to a new excel file using UiPath?


can you try by using copy/paste range which is a modern excel activity

Hi @Kia1

Use the Copy/Paste range activity to copy the excel data from A to B.
→ Use the Use excel file activity and give the Excel A File Path.
→ Inside Use excel file activity insert the Use excel file activity and give the Excel B File Path.
→ Inside Second Use excel file activity insert the Copy\Paste Range activity.
→ Give the Excel A Range in the source field and give the Excel B Range in the destination field in the Copy/Paste range activity and select the Exclude headers from Source table only option from the dropdown.

Check the below workflow for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

Try above mentioned ways. If not works, I will share the sample xaml.


Please help

I have a task

  1. I have a folder containing all CSV files
  2. I want to filter the data, then convert the data to Excel and save the Excel with a name according to the Excel data that I have.
  3. After that, I want to save the Excel file in a new folder, call it “A”
  4. After collecting the excel files in folder “A”, I want the robot to be able to open the excel files according to the time.
  5. Then after opening Excel, the data contents in Excel are copied to the Excel template file
  6. I have copied it into the Excel template file, then sent it to email according to the data I have


that worked but the columns and rows didn’t keep the same width and height. Do you have any idea how we could achieve this?

Yes @andre.carneiro

We can do this by using AutoFit Range activity, which will adjust the width and height of the cells.

If you find the solution for your query, make my post mark as solution to close the loop.

Hope it helps!!

thank you for the response! It worked but the header row wasn´t affected, as seen in the picture below.

Would you happen to know a quick fix for this? Thank you again