How to copy Excel columns and transfer them into a different workbook in different arrangement

Hello everyone,

I’m struggling to make UIpath to copy and paste information from a specific column inside a workbook and transfer it to a different workbook in a different arrangement. Here is how my workflow looks like starting from reading file:-

This activity flow is use to read and filter through the source file and output the result to result file.

This is how the source file looks like.

This is the output file after filtering out “N/A” out of submission column and value “0” out of secondary quantity column.

I want to extract the result file into another file called track, the track file already have few information inside it, but there are few blank columns that needs to be filled. (picture below)

I have tried using Copy Paste Range activity but I’m having some difficulty trying to make it write in the track file. I’m not quite sure if it can be used to insert information like I’ve shown above. Here is my project:
mock (25.1 KB)

can anyone suggest me any way to do this?

Use filter datatable activity should be able to give you the output Filter data table using more than one primary key - #3 by CBlanchard

thank you, but i already got the output the only issue that i have left is how to transfer that output into another excel file like this:

note the columns. these two are different excel files

Simply copy paste in the same order? or is there any value to check against, while adding to the other sheet?

I suggest you to use Excel Macro, after you make the macro then you will call it through UiPath by using Excel Application Scope>Execute Macro.

there’s no value to check against. but as you can see in the picture above in the previous reply the column A data in result workbook has to be inserted/append in column B in a tracker workbook, and column B has to be in column I, etc. I’m unable to figure out how to do that.

I tried to work around it by adding more column in the datatable and use Append Range instead of Write Range to insert the cells.



The result looks like this:

I tried to append the result into an excel file named track, which is this one:

I looked into the uipath essential tutorial videos and they said that the Append Range activity would not overwrite existing data.

my expectation when I use Append Range all the information in from Result workbook would be pasted into the Track workbook like this after arranging it.

but it overwrote track file and became like this instead of appending data to it: