How to copy a picture from a website generating a ppt

Hi all,
I have to copy a chart from a webpage to create a power point report. Actually the only way to copy it and what I manually do is right clicking on the picture then select copy and then open a new power point in which I paste it. I tried with click image but does not work. Any suggestion ? Thanks ! Salvo

Hi @Salvo71
Which browser are you using? Are you getting any error messages? I don’t know how dynamic is the position and the view of the image you need to copy, but if you are using IE, in attach Browser window you can right-click your image to open the menu, then with “Click image” you can select the option “Copy” from that menu. To “Grab from screen” the image of “Copy”, use F2 to delay grabbing, so you have time to open your menu. “Click text” “Copy” should work here too…

Hello @PAD
I am using IE, chart I want to copy is not the only object of the page and it seems that the only way I have to copy it is right clicking on the picture and then open the menu copying it into the clipboard, but with Browser window I cannot use the right click as well as with recording function. How I can solve it ? Thanks

I don’t know that website, but I believe there can be still many ways to solve it. Does your automation manage to click the chart at all? For example, if that chart has some part you know you can always expect (like e.g. some specific logo, or word in the title), you can use “Click image”, grab from screen this particular image part, and change in the activity Properties MouseButton to BTN_RIGHT (how do you mean that you cannot use the right click? Do you get any error message then?) Later you would just proceed to left-clicking “Copy” from the menu…

ok, let me better explain. In my company we are using some web application ( Internet Explorer) which are able to plot the product yield. Using UiPATH I have already automated the first step which is the data extraction and it is working. The second step is to plot the yield clicking on some button and also this is ok. The point is that the application shows the yield graph in a page with other elements and the usual way to copy this chart to , for instance ppt file, is to right click somewhere then a menu appear in which I can select copy to clipboard, then I paste to the ppt file. Basically the sequence that now I need to automate is right click ( left does not have any effect ) on the web page then select copy from the pop up window which appears. I tried to follow your suggestion but it is not working since the pop up menu in which I can select copy does not appear. I do not know whether mx explanation is clear but I am stuck on this problem since few days and I do not know how to move forward. Thanks for your help

If you know the image URL you can download the image using HTTP request.

No unfortunately I don’t know the url …:(, maybe I would try using Citrix…but not sure

Perhaps in a few words I can summarize the problem in How to copy a picture from a website and then save under a certain folder ? Actually the flow I tried is
Recording function --> Image -->Click Image. So now the next step should be to understand where is the image , then assign it to some image variable and then save it to be further used… but how to know where it stored the image ?

To be more precise how to copy a certain screen area and save it in an jpg file to be used for instance in some presentation. this area is a chart which change , selecting different data input… Thanks to all !

Hi @Salvo71, could you describe step by step the working way of copying your selected image when you do it manually? I understand that the right-click menu doesn’t work in case of this website. What does work then?

Hi @PAD , well let me try:

Firstly this is a web company tool able to check the product yield and it is running under Internet Explorer. The first step is to select the product which I want to analyze and there is a format in which I have to select the product data. I´ve already automated this step and now the bot automatically open the website and select the product basing on my input. As soon as the product is selected and Yield Graph button is clicked the tool generate a chart. Manually the only way to export this chart ( to be used for instance in a ppt presentation) is to right click on the screen area showing the chart , then a pop up many appear in which I can select copy or save as. This is the manual procedure. But again I am totally stuck and I do not know how to copy the chart in Uipath and possible save it in a variable in order to attach it for instance in a power point file. Basically the target is, for each product selected in input, the bot has to generate a power point report with several charts showing different kind of preselected yield. Do you believe that is possible ? Thanks a lot !

What happens when you apply the activity Click or Click image to that chart within your workflow and change the setting to right-click? Does it click the picture at all? If you don’t add any activity right after it, does this click activity affect the picture in any way (like e.g. highlight it)? Can you get any selector of your chart? Does the right-click work (bringing the menu) in any other part of the screen? Can you at least just select/highlight the chart in any way? One way to paste to ppt is to simply use the hotkeys: after you copy the picture (e.g. with ctrl +c), you would open your ppt file (and select the position if needed), then you can paste the pic with another hotkey ctrl+v.

Another way to get to your chart would be perhaps to tab to it from some selected element. Also, check if shift + F10 brings the right-click menu to you.

Hi @PAD let me answer to your questions:

Using click or click image selecting right click the menu in which I can select copy does not appear and nothig happens to the flow. The menu appears only when I right click on the chart area.
Yes I can select the chart using for instance Find Image and selecting the chart area. In this case UiPath find the chart but I do not know how to proceed further, maybe I should save it in a variable image but using assign activity does not work. Hotkeys are not working, I can copy the chart only right clicking in the chart area and then copy, this is the only way…if you tell me how to attach some pictures maybe I can show you something, Thanks again

To add more details, I have to make three charts with three different titles ; YA, YB, YC so I can read this element in the title to know which one is the chart. The nightmare is to know how to save them and copy in a empty ppt… :(((

Hello @PAD I just tried the following:

Recording , Web, Image, Mouse, Right click.

Doing that I saw that menu appear for few instants …but at least now I got it, so next is how to select from it the copy function…since if I right click during recording it stops to work…

Yeah, but there is also another way to do it: to use Take screenshot (where you would select you r chart with “Indicate on Screen” )and then Save image.

Also, the reason why I asked “If you don’t add any activity right after it, does this click activity affect the picture in any way (like e.g. highlight it)?” is that some activities accidentally close this menu (so like in your case it appears just for a glimpse). If it happens, after you open the menu with a right click, you can try to navigate through it with the hotkeys up and down.

Yes this is finally working , but do you really believe that it is a reliable way to create a report containing 100 slides ? Do you suggest me to proceed in this way ? Thanks a lot !

What about “Take screenshot” activity? Does this option work? As it is surely more elegant and efficient.