Exporting from Excel to PowerPoint


Hi All,

I’m trying to export data (both tables and graphs) from an Excel to Powerpoint deck.

I’ve used Excel Application Scope --> Read Range --> Crtl+C Hotkeys to select and copy the tables/graph from Excel (Is this the optimal way to do this? Or is there a better way?)

Also, the bit I’m really struggling on is opening PowerPoint up to copy the data into. I have the PowerPoint that I want to paste into saved on my desktop at the moment, I’ve tried using OpenApplication and StartProcess but that required an executable file? Do I need to literally find the PowerPoint.Exe that’s installed on my C:/ drive then use the open feature from that? Or can I go directly to the path?

Additionally, will shortcut keys be the best way to paste the tables/graphs into PowerPoint?

Any help is much appreciated as always.



Hey ! I have exactly the same problem, does anyone have a solution? Thanks :wink:


There’s a lot of questions in the OP - can you clarify which ones you’re wondering about?


Hi @bay7745,

Take a look. It will help you.