Copy existing charts from excel to powerpoint

I need to copy some charts from excel to powerpoint. I tried using select range and sending hot keys (Ctrl +C) but that is not working. Is there any way to copy the existing charts in excel and copy to powerpoint.


Hi @Rajeev1,

Here is the package that contains the activity called ExtractGraphImage . It extract all graphs as image in a specified folder. (I have uploaded the package in UiPath Go. Once published ,
I will remove the package from here. And you can get it from UiPath Go)

After the extraction. Using the below activity that you can insert the image into PowerPoint.

Here you can know about to configure the package at local.



Hi @balupad14,

Thanks for sharing this. I think there is an issue with the file names of the extracted images. The file name should have an extension (such as “.jpg”). Since we don’t have this extension currently, the powerpoint activity is not identifying it as an image and therefore not updating it in the slides. Is there any wayout for this.


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Hi Thank you for the feedback. it has small mistake that doesn’t have dot between the file file name and extension.


Now I have fixed here.

I have attached the sample also for you. (18.6 KB)




I’m worried about similar issues.
However, here, the sheet name is not Sheet1,
Graph1 has already been created, and the Graph1 sheet cannot be selected or activated.

Can this be solved with a component developed by Bala?

I’m waiting your reply.
Thank you very much.!Graph1-image

Hi @fuku77,

Welcome to UiPath Forum Community ! .

This is not a normal excel file. Can you please send me a sample file like this. ? I will investigate and get back to you …


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Thank you for your reply.

Send Data.xlsx.
Thank you.Data.xlsx (15.3 KB)

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Hi, can this be used for Google Doc slides?

Hello @balupad14

Could you help please.

  1. How you add title in slide or delete title when I add slide and don’t want it.
  2. I have 3 charts and changed size for all. Why only first chart changes size? I want that all 3 have one size and were in the center, each chart in a new slide

Thank you!

Take a look if you want chart image. Can be independent of excel. You can put image to use anywhere you want.

Check this below link, @Rajeev1

Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

Hi Balupad14,

I am trying to follow the steps and my screen becomes blank after choosing the excel path.
Please help.

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HI @Teofilo_Tamele,

May I know which version of studio you are using ? and do you get any error ?

Thank you

I am using UIPath StudioX version 2020.10.2-beta.4

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HI @Teofilo_Tamele,

I am working on it. once I finished , I will let you.

Thank you

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Hi Balamurugan

I apriciate your support.

Thank You

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[quote=“Christopher_Blanc, post:17, topic:166073”]
Hello Everyone,

I wanted to use this package but when I tried to use it nothing happenes.
The activity I need is “Chart image Extract” but when I drop the activity nothing happen, the activity is empty ( screen 1)
Do you know why ?