How to copy a folder from citrix environment and paste it in my desktop folder

i want to copy folders from cloud data and paste it on my desktop by creating new folder

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–is that cloud folder is synced from your remote machine to your local machine
–if so after syncing that we can use MOVE FILES activity to move file or if we want to move a directory or a folder itself then we can use INVOKE METHOD activity where mention like this

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @vicky1234567890

thank you for your quick response @Palaniyappan.
can i know what should i include in target object.
i’m new to uipath. could you please explain me in detail.

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Once after mentioning this in INVOKE METHOD activity, in the property panel of this activity, mention the folder to be moved and folder path where to be moved as IN argument

Cheers @vicky1234567890

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thank you @Palaniyappan. but it’s not working for me. can you please send me an example. it is unable to copy the folders from my remote desktop.