Moving folders from different desktops to destination folder


can I know how to move folders from different desktops to the one destination. is it possible to do?

Are you trying to move the files to a common sharepoint or any other @sreelakshmiV?

If you want to move files in many systems to a destination machine,

  1. you have to run the robot in all the machines
  2. create a floating robot and connect from machines and run the package after publishing so that it will move files from individual machines

But the thing is, the folder paths need to be dynamic :slight_smile:

Hi @sreelakshmiV

Please use the below code in Invoke Code activity to move folder
Directory.Move(sourceDirName, destDirName);

have to move the folders from the user desktop to main server location ,this is the question, is it possible ?

Let me explain a bit clear, I have my desktop and a shared network drive. I’m assuming that the main server in your case is a shared drive


So, you can move files from your network to shared network absolutely. Just giving the IP or the drive name will work @sreelakshmiV


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