How to convert Text to Column in Excel

OK, i have tried another way and that is step by step clicks (by using click activity) and it works fine, but i need to save it as xls and its getting saved as csv format only.

Store the final data in Data table and write in .xlsx file using Write range Activity.

Thanks Jyotika, will try this now…

The XML file is from old version (19.2) and i am using 19.6. After opening the XML file it gives me lot of error on dependencies…after repairing the dependencies, have checked your automation, its good but how it will work for csv? steps will be different, right?

To write data in CSV file,you need to use Write CSV activity.

So, i should change the activity called “Read Text File”, and then it will work?

Can you zip the project file and input file and share it so i can check and advise you. (19.2 KB)
Done, please check.

if input file is in csv then you have to use Read CSV activity.

It does not read, and gives error that the CSV file format is invalid.

Hello, @Ashik_Khan
I have problem with this too, tho slightly different. I have a file (somewhat csv, but it looks like it is devided by TABs. Never mind.). Anyway: It worked like clockwork earlier by just using hotkeys. I guess it is the new version of either Office or UiPath that now is causing trouble. Now the ribbon in Excel greyes out (inactive) while sending the hotkeys.
But::: Did you find a solution for your trouble? It seems that this tread just stopped?