How to convert string type to an entity type of a dataservice

Hey Guys,

I have a string variable and i need to convert string to an entity type.
I have used the below expression but its throwing error.

Expression: convert.changetype(strvariable,entitytype)

Please help me on this error

Attaching the error ss also.



Can you be more specific on what type you need

General syntax is Ctype(variable,type)

and type is not string(“Type”) but a Direct type is what you need to provided (Type)


Hello @anjana.k

Hope you are trying to change the type to entity in data service.

If yes, can you please give more insights to the steps that you are trying to do?


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

i am updating the entity value in an assign activity and the type of value assigned is string.
Below is the screenshot of the error


The type of field defined in dataservice is ‘choice set’.


You can use Update Multiple entity records activity to do this.


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Actually the issue is ‘we need to convert the string type to a entity type before updating the records’

Our input is in string type we need it to to be an entity type.

Can you please help us on this


Anjana K

I hope you have already created the entity in Data service and added that to the project if yes, you can use the Entity activities to achieve the same.

For example if you want to create an entity record, you can do as below. Not sure why a conversion using assign activity is required here.