Creating variables with datatype

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While creating variables within the activities (assign or within activity parameters), is there a way to define the datatype directly instead of changing it later from the variable panel ?

E.g: If I need a string variable in an Assign activity, how do I define the string datatype and avoid the generic type being defined …

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Yah of course we can define in variable panel itself
To the type we need
Like in variable type field we can choose the type as String instead of GenericValue
Or a generic type can be directly converted to string along the workflow by mentioning as Variable.ToString even though that variable is defined as GenericValue in the variable panel

It applies the same for other types as well
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If you are trying to create any variable in Assign activity then should be created as Generic type of variable only and you have to go to Variable panel and has to change it. We don’t have any option to change it as of now.

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Nice too me you, the frist step is create a assing activities,

Now, Do you need create into a variable in the first field


Usually, the set var is GenericType default,

Now do you need select the correct type in the sidebar panel

Im using generic type in this moment, and i will need string type :slight_smile: so for this changes, now,

in the second field select the new type!







When you are inside an activity that has an Output property, just hit Control+K and set a name for hit after hit Enter and a variable with the right type will be created for you.

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Hi @Hara_Gopal

I think by default when you create variable in activity the default datatype is generic and you need to change it in variable pane.If you dont want to change it later.Just go to variable pane and set your variable in your desire data type.

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