How to convert project from framework windows to windows legacy

tried with changing in target framwork in json but getting document invalid issue
tried with copying activites not pasting on windows - legacy

Hi @Sakhare_Ankita ,

Windows to Legacy Convert

  1. Should not use “Else IF “ activity in the Project.

  2. Change Project.json targetFramework Windows to Legacy

  3. Replace the “System.Private.CoreLib” value in all Xaml
    Open Xaml in Notepad and Ctrl+H replace the following value
    System.Private.CoreLib → mscorlib click Replace All

  4. Remove below mentioned value without any blank space and empty lines.



	<x:Null />


I have some if else activity

@Sakhare_Ankita, may be after convert that you need to redevelop that activity


Hello @Sakhare_Ankita,

Please downgrade the system activities this should resolve your issues.


at which version I can downgrade so I can change the legacy

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