Use workflows from Windows project to Windows-legacy project


I built a project that is in Windows compatibility. Apparently, I had to switch to Windows-legacy. I want to use the xaml files that I created in my Windows compatible project to the Windows-legacy compatible project that I’m creating. So I copied the workflows but whenever I try to open them, I’m getting an error saying that the Document is invalid.

Is there anyway I can work this out or I really have to rebuild everything from scratch?

Great thanks!

Hi @_pjflo ,

Try copying the xaml file to an empty folder and then opening it.



One solution is to manually update the XAML files to be compatible with the Windows-legacy framework. This may involve modifying the XAML code to use older or deprecated features that are supported in the Windows-legacy framework. You may also need to update any references or dependencies in the XAML files to match the versions compatible with the Windows-legacy framework.


Hi, I tried to do it but whenever I open the file, it creates a json file with Windows as “targetFramework”.

Yes @_pjflo , this will be a option only if you need to manually copy the components inside the workflow to other.


Hi! I’m using same dependencies on both projects, but it’s still not working. I think there’s something that I’m not doing right.