How to convert CSV file into XLSX

Hay, I have a questions. I’m trying open my csv file and then save it into xlsx file. But When I do that this I get that my all data is in A column why is this like that.
image this is what I have, what is missing to write it the some as in csv only in difrent format?

Check delimiter in CSV file and use the same Delimiter while reading CSV file. Other wise all data will come in one column.

Alternatively you can do it via UI Interaction. Open CSV with Excel and Save it is as an Excel.



Steps to convert file,

  1. Rename csv to xlsx,
  2. Open xlsx(renamed) file,
  3. Manually do text to columns,
  4. Save it and
  5. Read it using Excel App Scope

Let us know anything if required.

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How can I rename csv to xlsx file?
Can I maybe read the specific column from csv file without converting? Only problem is that I need read only id from column one by one. And I have header and some data that I don’t need.
I need to read just numbers one by one first 8542464513 then 4445611511 and so on

How can I do that, can you give me a example?

Can you provide your CSV?

I gave you a picture as a example up in the comment


Please use a attached file which saves a file csv to xlsx.

RenameCsvToXlsx.xaml (10.0 KB)

You will have to change my selector to your selector.

Okej, I change selectors like you say but for me isn’t working …sorry for bothering but can you only give mi a pictures of selector, because I doing something wrong i think


My workbook name was Book1.csv, you change Book1.csv to your csv file name say Employee.csv.

Yes and my now, but now I have problem with saving


I still see the my file name Book1.csv,
Do one thing, place *(asterisk) wherever you find Book1.csv

Yes because I rename my file(also is a Book1), program open the csv file and that’s it. Here is something wrong, robot don’t want save.image


Could you attach your workflow so I can review it please?

CSVinXLSX.xaml (10.3 KB)



I have made it right now, please download and run by providing your file path to Type Into activity.

CSVinXLSX.xaml (10.0 KB)

Noup, it’s the some. Saving doesn’t working.

@Tinkerbell ,

I cant imagine that where you’re making mistake
It ran successfully on my machine.

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