Csv to xlsx conversion

I am doing the csv to xlsx conversion. when I select the Comma in the Read CSV property then it thrown me an error.

when I select the Tab the it Read the csv file and write the data into the xlsx, but the format is diff in the xlsx.
Ex. csv format like… Name | CustomerCode | Destination
After converted into the xlsx it written like


@Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando


@balkishan try it with Delimiter Pipe as mentioned in your csv example.


same output I am getting
see how it’s written

This are my Columns Headers in the CSV and how it written in the xlsx file

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@balkishan can you upload a sample once we can give it a shot.

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no worries
here choose as pipe in the read csv file image

Cheers @balkishan

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If possible can i have a view on the csv a screenshot
Cheers @balkishan


csv format

This is the xlsx format after converted from csv
I selected Pipe in the Read CSV property.

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Use generate data table and change all types of seperators @balkishan. Use whatever works for you


Hi @balkishan

Check this


@balkishan It looks like a combination CSV try opeining with notepad to check which delimiter it has, use that if it has only one kind, else as per your screen shot your data starts from row 11 read from there by doing a string manipulation.


can you explain it more…string manipulation here…

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what I have to select here in Generate Data Table

DT is a Read CSV file activity variable. what I have to give in the input?

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Paste the text you have in the input and changing the seperators, preview the data. So, that you will understand how it varies for each seperator

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here also it gives me same as it gives me in xlsx file.

change the seperator,

check the CSV parser and try once or even the new line seperators @balkishan

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solution I tired is to.
Read the csv as a Excel.

Steps to follow

  1. Excel Application Scope
  2. Inside Excel Scope use Read Range Activity and create a data type variable
  3. Use Write Range Activity and give the data type variable which is created in the Read Range and in the path field give .xlsx

That’s all


Cheers @balkishan

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