How to convert a Xaml in to URL And how to distribute it to the normal user?

Hello all,
I am New to UiPath and I need a solution I have created one feedback form in Uipath but now stuck on how to share it?
Can anyone guide me how to create and distribute its URL?

Hi @Mayuri_Avachat,
Could you explain it a little bit? Maybe show some example for better understanding.

Hi Pawel,
My assignment was to create a feedback form using UiPath forms . Convert it to URL and distribute it in multiple communities to get there feedback (just like we use Google Forms).
Collect this data in some database and depending on the data collected from this feedback forms display some reports in dashboard

It seems a bit complicated. First of all xaml is a project file and I don’t exactly get how would you like to convert it to HTML. Studio automations will not work on web just like that. Instead you can use forms activities to build some questions etc. but this all will work only on machines where robot is connected. Looks like you should rather build website which you will link on communities and then you could grab data from this website using studio.

Hi Pawel,
Yeah the similar kind of solution, will try it and let you know

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