Display output using Ui form or Dashboard

Hello Everyone,

I have an output excel file, but my requirement is to display output using Uipath forms/ orchestrator dashboard or any other means which I can use to display output at end of process instead of excel.
Excel contains 4 different sheets with same headers
I have attached a template excel sheet for reference.
CandidateDetails.xlsx (15.2 KB)

Thank you

Hey @RK_0

You can go with the UiPath forms with data controls.



I am able to do that by converting data into html, but my requirement now is like, there will be hyperlink in one column, which should return to the web page when clicked.
Any suggestion on how to navigate to html hyperlink in UiPath form.

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You want to load it in form?

Yes, load the file or navigate to link either is fine for me.

Try iframe with HTML content may be.