Creat a Personal Assistant with URL Link

Hello my Friends!

I’m creating a chatbot with UiPath, but I want share with another users for they can use this chatbot in a URL. It’s possible?

Do I create a server in my network, and host the uipath.xaml into this server, and share a link to another users, and this link use my bot on a server?

anyone can help me please?

if its a backend bot you’re using you may want to look into triggering it via monitor events e.g. when someone clicks a button on your url page.

You’ll have to have the bot running obviously to get this to work on your server.

Also - the limitation here is the bot will only be able to be used by one person at a time so if multiple people try to access your bot it won’t work (except for the first one)


Hello all,
I am New to UiPath and I also need a similar solution I have created one feedback form in Uipath but Now stuck on how to share it?
Can anyone guide me how to create and distribute its URL?