How to convert the developed UIPath code into text file


I am trying to convert the UIpath code into a text file but unable to find any solution .kindly help me out with the ways to convert the code into a text file.

Thanks in advance

very simple… try to re name .xaml file as .txt…


I have done the same but not getting the results as expected. I want to get the uipath code in the text format by line by line.

Well, you can convert xaml file into txt file by renaming the file extension. This will change the file format and you can read xaml file in text format.

This is useful to ship on email (some emails servers will not support to attach exe files and xaml files) as an attachment and readable xaml format.

It would be helpful to guide if forum knows your purpose to convert into txt file.

hi @rkelchuri ,

did you tried this???

Well, i know this will work… however, i just tried after your message… i got following results.
Document output

btw: yes i tried to convert xaml file into text file which will come as readable xaml format.


Can you try “Export to Excel”?

This function outputs xlsx file as the following image. Then we will be able to make text file from this with string manipulation and or simply copy all, paste into notepad etc.



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Yes this is also good idea to convert into text format.
I am just curious, would you be able to revert it as a xaml file after conversion ?


I think it’s difficult to convert from this xlsx or text to xaml directly, because it doesnt have any schema information etc. It might be able to create workflow through UiPath Studio from the text, in theory.