How to continue a flow after an error

Good afternoon brilliant minds!
I know that maybe this isn’t the best practice, but can work well in small scenarios.
I’m looking for tips in how continue the flow after an error.

1 - Error occours and is handled by the try catch
2 - Flow Decision will see if there was an error in the last step.

Any ideia in how to achieve this?

Thank you in advance

You can use a Boolean variable. In the try section assign False to it and in the catch section assign True.
With Flow Decision verify if the variable is false, if it is then no errors occured.

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Hi @Andre_Vieira ,

You follow below steps:

1 - Create one Boolean variable as boolIsError.
2 - In Try assign value as false to Boolean variable and in catch block Assign value as True
3 - In decision you have to write condition as “boolIsError= False” go to left branch else to right branch

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Hello @Catalina_Rs thank you so much to the quick reply.
But i will accept @ermanoj3101 answer just because his awnser was more structured.
Thank you both :kissing_heart:

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