How to stop process at particular step


I have created one workflow and whole workflow in one for each loop.
In that loop there are 2 sequences. In first sequence there is one if condition and that if condition is satisfies then no need to go to next sequence else i have to go to next sequence .How can in achieve that? what should i do in then condition so it will stop and not enter to another sequence and will go to next iteration?
here are the pics
This are the two sequences inside for each row
first sequence inside try catch block , second not in try catch.

this is the if condition in first sequence and i want to not enter in second sequence if this condition satisfies .

please help me with the same.

You can use boolean Variable inside the first sequence and assign True at the end of the flow and assign False to the exception scenario.
So after the Try Catch block/First sequence you can use the boolean variable in IF condition and execute second flow if condition is true.

hope this helps :slight_smile:



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