Re-run robot if robot encountering error


I have a task If a robot encountering any error, the robot automatically rerun the activity from the beginning. I’m thinking of using flowchart activity to make conditional with it. Any idea how to get the error?

Hi @Rhys18 ,
You can use try catch block.
In catch block catch the exception and use a flag value by assigning is_exception=True which a boolean variable.
Now in flowchart check if is_exception=True. If it is true take the flowchart node to the starting/Initialization node.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

So, let’s say 1 sequence contains 50 flow. Can I just try catch the sequence itself?

Hi @Rhys18 ,
Yes absolutely.

Give a try.

Great will let u know tomorrow. It’s alrd midnight here so will update here ASAP

Is this a variable called Flag with boolean type?

hi @Rhys18 ,
keep its default value false

Hi @Rhys18
Put the sequence in “Try-Cach Activity” Try block then make a bool variable assign it
In Catch block select “SystemsException”
It can indicate all type of exception.
Then put assign activity in Catch block and
Assign bool variable ->False

Now put whol “Try Catch Activity” inside
Retry Activity.
And In condition block give Condition Activity as a bool variable which you made in Try catch.

Its conditional base retry.

Both @Shubham_Dutta and your solution are working as expected !! My program won’t stop until it’s done. Thank you very much !!

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@Rhys18 welcome…Happy Automation.

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