Uipath last update disconnected my robot... I tried to erase and create a new one to fix that problem but the licensing say there are no more available with my free account

I have been working with the former setup without issues for long… but yesterday I was obligued to update to the last version… Once I tried to use it the robot at the bottom said: Orchestrator not connected… I was unable to reconnect and decided to erase the former configuration and start from scratch… leaving user and environment. But once I erase the robot… it dissapeared from the console but I am not able to create a new one and connect to the machine… HELP PLEASE!

if you have enterprise license try to contact with technical support of UiPath:

Otherwise - please share screenshots with error which you getting.

Thank you for your support @pikorpa
I dont now how to create a robot or recover the last one.
I have a free license.

wheh I try to login in Uipath Assistant… an error come up