Automate over RDP without installing anything on RDP server?



Hello, I am new to Ui Path and am hoping someone can shed some light on product functionality. I have a need to do a repetitive task about 100K times over RDP but am not able to install anything on the RDP server. Can I use UiPath for this need and if so, how exactly?



Yes, it’s possible using Citrix-style automation.
Please check these as starters and if you’ll have any more specific questions don’t hesitate:



Has anyone executed something like the below steps in Citrix Automation:

  1. Login to desktop machine (Here UiPath is installed)
  2. Select VMWare and login to VM
  3. Connect to Client server using Pulse secure on VM
  4. RDC to connect to a machine where SAP client is installed
  5. Automation of SAP process

Is this feasible.


Hi Priyanka,
Did you get a solution for this.



I have automated the SAP by installing the uipath directly on to the remote machine.
If you can do it please install the uipath on the same machine where the application is present which needs to be automated.

The steps which I mentioned works. But I would suggest avoid citrix automation as much as possible.