How to config destination file path in Gsuite Google Drive

Hi Experts,

Now I am trying to upload an execl file to my drive. I tried find files and folder
I dont know how to config the destination folder path in google drive.
My drive destination is : My Drive > Kissflow Test Upload.
Thanks for your help


There are two things you need to do:

  • Google Suite settings - authentication token generated successfully

  • For Destination folder you need to provide folder ID and not the name directly. You will get folder ID from URL as shown below:


Hope it will help you

Hi Rahul,

Now it is working but i found another issue, I ticked overwrite feature but actually it is not replacing the same file name in Drive. It become duplicates. Is there any solution for that?


Google Drive file operations works on the file id basis and not the file name.
If you want to avoid duplicate files based on the names then follow below steps:

  • Get all file names from that drive folder which you want to use

  • Loop through files names to check if the file is already exists

  • If file is already exists then as per your requirement you can skip file upload

I hope this will help you