Error uploading file - Gsuite

Hello partners

I need help with something, I am not very sure how I can use the Gsuite Upload File activity, I am doing an automation that requires locally updating the information in an excel file and uploading it to the drive overwriting the existing file, how can I do it?

I have already managed to get the file Id of the existing file with the Find Files and Folder activity, but using this id in the Upload File activity, the following error is thrown

“Upload File: Upload failed after 0 bytes. Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError\r\nThe specified parent is not a folder. [403]\r\nErrors [\r\n\tMessage[The specified parent is not a folder .] Location[ - ] Reason[parentNotAFolder] Domain[global]\r\n]\r\n”,


Looks like the upload folder Location is wrong…

Can you try peinting and check if the detaila procided are peoper…and are thereany special characters?

Can you show what you tried