How to Condition check in On Element Appear

I’m trying to use While or Do While inside the on element appear.
Variables of on element appear are output as UIelement.
I need to check the condition of While, but how does Uielement check the condition? (e.g. variable = True like this)

Hi @dlqhqo98

Please use Element Exists instead of On Element Appear. Put Element Exists inside Do While. The output of Element Exists is a Boolean which you can provide as condition in Do While

like this??
but it didn’t work

Hi @dlqhqo98

The Do While Loop activity continues to run as long as the output condition evaluation is True


  1. testt value = False, condition evaluated to False, because True is not False, do while loop ends
  2. testt value = True, condition evaluated to True, because True is True, do while loop continues

In your case it does not work when element exist does not exist, boolean testt is False so the do while loop immediately ends.