Find Element condition

Hi Everyone,

Can somebody please help me to understand, what will be the condition in a do while loop for find element.

I have used the Find Element Activity and captured the element in the output as Variable called “IsNoData”.

In the condition if the element doesn’t exist need to come out of the loop. I have used “not IsNoData” seems not working.

Any Kind advice much appreciated.

Thank you


I think you meant to use element exists and not find element. element exists will return the boolean value as you’d expect

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At first initalize a boolean variable IsNoData = False
2. Inside Do while you can use element exists activity and assign the output to be saved in IsNoData
3. In While condition give it as IsNoData=False

What it does is , Until it finds the element the condition would be false and it wil be iterated. When it finds the element it will come out of the loop.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Farhan,

Much appreciated for your help I have used the Get Full Text activity. Which resolves my issue.