How to compare two PDF files that were scanned diferently?

Hi people! Can you help me with this problem?

Process situation:

  • Person 1 scans a document.
  • Person 1 sends the physical document to person 2.
  • Person 2 scans the same document.
  • Both scanned files go to a folder.

The document has infos like name, code, data, etc. and also fields with handwritten signatures.

My questions are:

  1. Can I develop a bot that compares the signatures in both scanned PDF files to see if they correspond to the same document?
  2. What kind of approach would be best?
  3. Should I try to make other types of comparison?

My thoughts:

I was thinking of some kind of image comparison, but, since the document will be scanned in a different way by the two persons (different devices and configurations), the images may not be identical.

for the signature is it possible to use maybe like 3rd party apps/website

because i think you will need to set something like threshold value to indicate how similar you want these 2 signature/image to be