Comparing files using Image


I am working on a assignment. The following are the details.

  1. Read the mails and download the pdf attachments.
  2. compare the signature of a particular person with all pdf files.
  3. If its matched move to matched folder or move o unmatched.

What have you tried so far and what is giving you trouble?

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Hi Mateus,

Well, I have to download the attachments from the mail and segregate the files as per their extensions in their respective folders. I have done up this part.

In my case, those files are pdf documents. I have to compare the particular image with all those pdf files. If that image exists in that file it has to move to the “matched” folder. If not it has to move to the “unmatched” folder. This process has to be done with each and every pdf file.

Did you get the solution. ?
if yes can you tell me how did u implement