How to compare the two data tables in uipath

Hi ,

I have data tables .One data table contains the below info.

Material Code Quantity
in-mt123 123
in-mt456 234

Second data table has the below kind of information
Material Code Quantity
in-mt123 345
in-mt456 234
in-mt567 900

My condition should be if the first data table material code is less than or equal to the second data table material code .Bot has to proceed or else make the business exception and stop the bot

please refer below links
You get a idea,

  2. Comparing two data tables - #24 by shreyaank
  3. Compare two data tables in different excel files - #15 by kamala0596


I have gone through the above links .Cant find the solution.If you have any sample .xaml files that will be great.


PFA, (25.9 KB)