Comparing two data tables and proceed

So I have a problem with checking two data tables.
I have two data tables, dt1{CC,F} and dt2{CC,Y} CC value is the same in both tables, I want to check if value F is the same as Y and if not then 1 thing and yes then do other. Last part I know I should use IF but I have no idea how can I compare them. later on, I will add to one of dts another column with file path in it.
How can I perform this type of test?

Hi @Mikolaj_Zielinski,

Run a for each data row activity with dt1 table, Inside for each use a If activity which Compares the value of dt1{y} with dt2{y} and gives the count of matched rows.
If Matched row count is > 0 it means the value is matched else it is unmatched.
Please refer the attached Package.
DataTableCompare.xaml (5.6 KB)