Comparison of two separate excel data (into a datatable may be) in Uipath

Hi Guys,

I am stuck with a challenge for which I haven’t found any luck yet.

a> I have some Expected data set in an excel file and I need to extract similar type of data from a web portal into another tab of that same excel file. — [Already Done]
b> Once done, I need to then compare the two data set to find out whether the Expected Values matches with the Actual Values or not. If not, I need to highlight the same in the expected data set only to make the user aware that the related actual data has different value. - [Need help with]

Can you kindly assist me with your knowledge to overcome this situation?

Sample_Excel Data Comparison.xlsx (10.4 KB)

Attaching sample file.



@Kaustavc1991 Check below workflow. Let me know if anything wrong in that.

new13.xaml (13.7 KB)