Error in comparing 2 Tables

Hello All,

I am new to UIpath. Been trying to build a bot to compare two excel files. Been reading the forum and some of the replies are very useful.
So far, for my project, I managed to “read range” and set up the two excel files into two data tables.

I used the following code to find the results that does not match.
DataTable2.AsEnumerable().Where(function(row) Not DataTable1.AsEnumerable().Select(function(r) r.Field(Of String)(“Column A”)).Any(function(x) x = row.Field(Of String)(“Column A”))).CopyToDataTable()

Interestingly, the results throw out a lot of non-matched although most of the data should match if I do a vlookup in excel.
I checked and found out that the matched rows are up to 8 characters in column A. If the cell in column A has 9 or 10 characters, no matching was done. Not sure why is this so. Anybody has any idea if there is a problem with the code above?

Or if there is any kind soul here who can help me to do up a .xaml. The two sample excel are below.

Excel 1
Column A Column B Column C
123456789 CDE 555
23456789 EFG 666
234567890 XXX 666
12345678 ABC 555
66666666 XXX 555

Excel 2
Column A Column B Column C
12345678 ABC 555
123456789 CDE 555
23456789 EFG 666
234567890 GHI 666

Column A is the unique identifier for the two files. If Column A matches, the workflow should check Column B and Column C to make sure they match.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @myamazingsg
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well we can use join datatable activity to handle this scenario buddy, with different join conditions you want like inner,left or full join

Kindly try with this and let know for any clarification or queries
Cheers @myamazingsg

Thank you for the proposed solution. I was able to join 2 excel side-by-side into 1 sheet, using the unique identifier.

However, I still faced with the same problem, since one of my excel was actually data scrap from the web.
The issue is those with 9-digits, instead of showing the 9-digits, it gave a result of “3.16E+08”. I guess it could be something to do with how I save the scrapped data into excel. It should give me a whole string of 9-digits instead of “3.16E+08”. But I am unsure how to solve this.