How to compare details of a person present in two different applications

Hi…I have a question that…
How to compare details of a person from two different applications to check whether details are correct or not

Hello @gowrishankar_allada ,

Kindly elaborate.

What are the two applications? Two Excel Workbooks?, two Web apps, a Web app and Desktop app?

Difficult for us to help because your question is general and lacks clarity.

Two web applications

Hi @gowrishankar_allada,
Open the first application using open browser activity and extract the first person value for example Name and store it in one variable.
Use navigate browser to open the next web applications and extract the value and compare using “if” condition.


Hi @gowrishankar_allada ,

Please store the details of the person to a dictionary(Key Value Pair) from the first application.

Name: Ethan Hunt
Address: 7th, NY
Phone: +1555627896

Now pass the dictionary variable as a input argument to the xmal where you are checking the details on the second application.

Finally match the person details in the second application with the respective dictionary key.

Hope this will help you. Thank you.

HI what kind data you need to compare on those 2 websites

Name,phone no,address,email

-you can use get text to get the data u want from each website,
-use if activity to compare each value

the result should be true or false