How to compare address from two different pages in web application?

I have a scenario like need compare address on web page with another address from different web page in same web application. Please help me

Hi @Aditya_Srinivas

We can fetch the url of the website bu get attribute and pass the attribute as url,

Refer this for fetch url,

  1. Get the url of the two web pages , indicate anything unique for the websites (for both website) in get attribute activity.

  2. Compare both the results,

Str1 - first page url
Str2 - second page url



Hi Aditya, take a get attribute activity and indicate the screen of both the web pages. Select the attribute “URL” or type it manually. In the properties store the output to a string variable. If you would like to compare both the extracted strings you can use this thread: How to compare two strings return common - #7 by Yoichi

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