Extract data from 2 Web sites and compare

Hi All,

I have extract the specific data from 2 websites and compare them. My queries are -

  1. When I run my proces, it is opening 2 websites 2 separate browser. so in that case Hoe I can compare one websites data with other. which activity I should use to move to another websites browser and compare. ?

Hi @Shirish

Since you have two websites to collect data from, how about this approach.

  1. Go to one site, extract the data you want into a datatable variable
  2. Go to the next site (which opens up in another browser window), and extract the data as well to another datatable variable.
  3. By this point, you have the data you want to compare from two sites in two datatables.

You can use datatable functions to do the comparison…

In case, if it’s not a grid in the web page you are extracting data from, you can use few variables like String, arrays Lists etc. to capture data.

Does it work for you?


If you are using multiple browsers, you can use the browser variable to store the browser instance, it will hold the updated selectors for a browser or page,

Create system.core.browser elements per open browser activity, This helps in future if you want to switch rapidly.

If single values you can use get text and use the string method to complete,
If table data srape the data and store in datable then compare using LINQ or datable functions.